Veritas: A Cornerstone for Human Relationships, Personal Success and a Sustainable Society.

Veritas is a first-of-kind company in the development stage. As a market leader and social innovator, Veritas will improve human relationships and societal sustainability on a scale and in a way heretofore unseen.

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Confidentiality Agreement
The information and statistics contained herein have been gathered from publications and sources believed to be reliable, or developed by our own investigations. On a best-effort basis, an analysis of information from a wide array of sources has been performed. Based on this, a proprietary product and brand concept, product development plan, product demonstration and other documentation have been developed. A company presentation and a compilation of more than two years of research that corroborate the findings are available for scrutiny. All of the information, analysis, proprietary products, opinions and forecasts contained in this memorandum are strictly confidential. Thus, distribution of this memorandum to any other person is unauthorized. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of the information contained herein or the divulgence of any of the contents without prior written consent of the management of Veritas is prohibited. This is neither a formal investment solicitation nor an offer to sell securities. For inquiries, contact Donn O'Neill at or 843.425.0439.

The celebrities referred to herein have no relationship with Veritas - either express or implied, nor do we represent that they are agents, partners or representatives of Veritas in any way. The images of these celebrities were acquired from a public domain.



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